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Statement of Faith


Living Water Church’s statement of faith is the Baptist Faith and Message 2000.

Below is an abbreviated description.



The Scriptures


We believe that the Bible was written by men divinely inspired by the Holy Spirit and is the record of God’s revelation of Himself to man. It is the perfect treasure for divine instruction. It has God for its author, salvation for its end, and its contents are without error. It will remain to the end of the world, the true center of Christian union and the supreme standard by which all human conduct, creeds, and religious opinions are tried.




We believe that there is only one living and true God – immortal and invisible. He is an intelligent, spiritual, and personal Being, the Creator, Redeemer, Preserver, and Ruler of the universe. God is infinite, holy and perfect. The eternal God reveals Himself to His people as God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, with distinct personal attributes, but without divisions of nature, essence or being.



We believe that man was created by the special act of God, in His own image, and is the crowning work of His creation. In the beginning, man was innocent of sin and was endowed by his Creator with freedom of choice. By his free choice, man sinned against God and brought sin into the human race. Through the temptation of Satan, man transgressed the command of God and fell from his original innocence; whereby his descendants inherit a nature and an environment inclined toward sin; and as soon as they are capable of moral choice, become transgressors and are under condemnation. Only the grace of God brings man into His holy fellowship and enables man to fulfill the creative purpose of God – “to glorify God and enjoy Him forever”.




We believe that salvation includes every divine action on behalf of the believer, from deliverance out of his lost estate to his final presentation in glory, conformed to the image of Christ.The believer was saved when he, by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, died to sin and was spiritually born again as a child of God.


The Church


We believe that the true Church is composed of all persons who, through saving faith in Jesus Christ, have been regenerated by the Holy Spirit. We believe that a local, visible New Testament church is a congregation of baptized believers associated by covenant in the faith and fellowship, which meets together for worship, teaching and preaching of God’s Word and the observance of the ordinances of Christ, and is governed by the teachings of His Word with the only Scriptural offices being pastors, elders and deacons, whose qualifications and duties are defined in the epistles of Paul.

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